Camden Remembers
Soldiers' Memorial Macarthur Park
The World War One database is complete for now. More names will be added if they become available. If you have information or would like to include someone here please contact us.

World War One commenced on 4th August 1914 and finished in a ceasefire on 11th November 1918, the AIF was disbanded on 31st March 1921.
From a population of only a few thousand, we have found more than five hundred men and women with links to the Camden district who volunteered for active service.

The World War One Nominal Roll Index below lists all the men and women who volunteered and served. You can click on the highlighted names to view a Memorial Scroll for those who died or view a photograph of those who returned.

View the World War One Roll of Honour and Memorial Scroll for each of the soldiers who died.

View the World War One Nominal Roll which includes full details of all those who volunteered and served.

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ADAMS, Edwin Lloyd (Driver 1991)    
ADAMS, John George (Shoeing Smith 2122)    
ALLEN, John Butler (Trooper)    
ANDREWS, Abel James (Private 3011A)    
ANTILL, John Macquarie (Colonel CB CMG)    
ARMITAGE, James Ramsay (Gunner 38312)    
ARMSTRONG, Cecil Havelock (Driver 7236)    
ASIMUS, David Roy (Trooper 2986)    
ASTLEY, Leslie Frederick (Gunner 4430)    
ATKINS, Alfred    
ATKINSON, John Gordon (Driver 28851)    

BANFIELD, Leonard John (Captain)    
BARTER, Alfred Beale (Private 12199)    
BAXTER, Cecil James (Private 1615)    
BECKHAUS, Bernard Andrew (Private 3763)    
BELLINGHAM, Harold (Private 595)    
BINNING, Thomas James (Private 7203)    
BIRD, Hugh (Private 7172)    
BIRD, William (Private 4257)    
BLACK, Tom Frederick (Private 3591)    
BLATTMAN, John Charles (Sergeant 847)    
BLATTMAN, Walter Joseph (2/Corporal 178)    
BOARDMAN, Frederick George (Driver 8347) Photo    
BONFIELD, Reginald (Private 60088)    
BOOTY, Frederick William (Corporal 5333)    
BOTT, Eric Godfrey (Private 18773)    
BOURLET, Frederick Francis (Trooper 1989)    
BOURLET, James John (Private 4994)    
BOUSTEAD, George (Driver 1842A)    
BRAIN, Percy Sydney Raymond (Private 2580)    
BRAIN, Vhere Walter (Private 5536)    
BRAIN, William Ross (Trooper 3651)    
BRIEN, Alexander (Gunner 7355)    
BRIGDEN, Albert Francis (Trooper 2634)    
BRIGDEN, Harry (ER/Corporal 1543A)    
BRIGDEN, William Henry (Private 4638)    
BRIGSTOCKE, Douglas Adye Ferdinand (Lieutenant)    
BROOK, Alonza Victor (Trooper N21472)    
BROOKS, Arthur James Samuel (Private 54300)    
BROWN, Harry (Private 189)    
BROWN, Henry Stanley (Trooper 1303)    
BRYANT, Arthur William (Private 6470)    
BUCHOLTZ, Stanley Beachwood (Sapper 21706)    
BUCHOLTZ, William Henry (Sapper 21705)    
BUGDEN, Alfred Richard Herbert (Private 5047)    
BUGDEN, Varney Francis (Private 647)    
BUNKER, Albert Edward (Corporal 822)    
BURCHER, Reginald Ernest (Driver 7345)    
BURROUGH, William (Private 5454)    
BUTLER, Alfred Vivian (Depot 14559)    
BUTLER, Arthur Albert (2nd Lieutenant)    
BUTLER, Cecil Clarence (Corporal 1534)    
BUTLER, Ernest Rupert (Trooper 723)    
BUTTENSHAW, Frederick James (Private 3228)    

CAHILL, Michael Vincent (Warrant Officer 2 2011)    
CAMPBELL, Robert Bruce (2nd Class Air Mechanic N88199)    
CARLON, Harold Patrick (Trooper 3181)    
CARPENTER, Horatio John Charles (Trooper 3292)    
CARROLL, Thomas Francis (Private 1526)    
CHESHAM, Bartley Horace (Private 6063) Photo    
CHESHAM, Bert (Shoeing Smith Corporal 1155)    
CHESHAM, Ernest John (Driver 11245)    
CHESHAM, Hilton John (Lance Corporal 2342)    
CLARK, Cecil Herbert (Private 2883)    
CLARK, Philip (Private 4411)    
CLARKE, Clifford John (Trooper 6290)    
CLARKE, Horace Stuart (Driver 7472)    
CLARKE, James Coleman (Private 5053)    
CLARKE, Thomas George (Private 6291)    
CLEMSON, Walter Horatio (Driver 3113)    
CLIFTON, Cecil William (Private 53701)    
CLOUT, Edward Percy (Private 3732)    
COGGINS, Albert Butler (Private 65964)    
COLEMAN, Leslie Joseph (Driver 14929)    
COLEMAN, Otto Roy (Sapper 15309)    
COLLINS, Leslie John (Private 2876)    
COOK, George (Private 7136/80058)    
COPLEY, Henry (Driver 15672)    
CORBY, Samuel James (ER/2/Corporal 4397)    
CORDIN, Alfred John (Private 4461)    
CRANFIELD, John Oswald (Private 1682)    
CRANFIELD, Robert Essington (Private 17817)    
CREIGHTON, Walter John (Private 6831)    
CROSS, Albert Richard (Private 3664)    
CURRAN, Vincent Augustus Petre (W.O.1 19266)    
CURRY, William Patrick (Private 11942)    

DAWES, Bernard Conrad (Driver 1017)    
DAWSON, Claude McNiven (Driver 7569)    
DAY, Thomas (Private 1953)    
DENGATE, Arthur Drury (Gunner 2178)    
DENGATE, Edward John (Lance Corporal 1948)    
DENGATE, Edward John Harold (Warrant Officer 1st Class 1881)    
DENGATE, Henry George (Gunner 2179)    
DENNIS, Edgar Abraham (Sapper 14931)    
DEVITT, Raymond John (Lance Corporal 2789)    
DEVITT, William (Private 3295)    
DEVLIN, Arthur Dalroy (Private 17270)    
DIBDEN, Frederick Robert Julian (Private 3017)    
DITZELL, Fred (Lieutenant 6/226)    
DOBELL, William Dudley (Private 95004)    
DOBSON, Alexander Leslie (3756)    
DONALD, William Arthur Melvin (Sapper 2559)    
DOUST, Albert (Sergeant 481)    
DOUST, Frank Percival (Private 2396)    
DOUST, Lawrence Cuthbert (Private 17281)    
DOUST, Stanley Archibald Percy (Trooper 457)    
DOWNES, Edgar Henry Kirk (Private 3271)    
DOWNES, George Brownlow (Gunner 37406)    
DOWNES, Rupert Frederick Arding (Lieutenant 21214 M C)    
DREDGE, Gordon James (Private 1794)    
DREDGE, John Raymond (Driver 3166)    
DRINKALL, Thomas Wray (Private 4255)    
DRUITT, Mervyn Robert K (MT Driver 4375)    
DUESBURY, Frank Garnett (Private 65737) Photo    
DUFFY, Joseph (Private 1941)    
DUFFY, Maurice Patrick (Private 7070)    
DUGAY, William Robert (Sergeant 119)    
DUNBAN, William (Private 2156)    
DUNBAR, Lewis James (Sapper 6674)    
DUNK, Edwin Clifford (Private 1767)    
DUNN, George Iley (Private 405) Photo    
DUNN, Harold Earl (2nd Corporal 2638)    
DUNN, William Lambert (2nd Lieutenant 1113)    
DUNSTAN, John Francis (Private 1261)    

EADE, Henry Arthur (Captain)    
EAGAR, Gordon Roland Campbell (Sergeant 56)    
EDDINGTON, Hedley John Ewart (Private 6736)    
ELDRED, Rowland George (Driver 16863)    
ELLIS, Reginald James (Private 1479)    
ELLIS, William Henry (Private 3562)    

FACE, John Joseph (Private 609)    
FALLON, Harold Bernard (Private 5796)    
FALLON, James Patrick (Depot)    
FARRELL, Edward Nicholas (Sergeant 467)    
FERGUSON, Arthur Bruce (T/Coy Quartermaster Serg 5567)    
FERGUSON, John Patrick (Lance Corporal 27)    
FERRIS, Frank William (Private 5017)    
FERRIS, Leopold Henry (Private 2241)    
FITZGERALD, David (Private 4704)    
FLETCHER, Harold/Hector Percival Forrest (Private 3044 POW)    
FLETCHER, Walter Carlisle (Corporal 2141)    
FLYNN, James Robert (Corporal 507A)    
FOOTE, E    
FRANKLIN, Cyril (Private 2687)    
FRANKLIN, Edward Theodore (Lance Sergeant 5338)    
FRANKLIN, George Edward (Driver 9873)    
FRANKLIN, Leslie (C Quartermaster Sergeant 859)    
FRANKLIN, Leslie Gordon (Trooper 2815)    
FRANKLIN, Phillip (Private 3528)    
FRANKLIN, Thomas (Private 2983)    
FRANKLIN, Walter Cheverley (Sergeant 1534)    
FRYER, Frank Douglas (Private 6989)    
FRYER, Percy (Driver 14465)    
FRYER, William Ernest (Trooper 1290)    
FUNNELL, Dudley Thomas Clyde (Lance Corporal 126)    
FUNNELL, Eric Winton (Corporal 2515)    
FUNNELL, Leslie Clarence (Air Mechanic 904)    

GALE, Bert (Private 5490)    
GALLAGHER, Peter (Lieutenant)    
GARDNER, Vivian Charles (Private 3639)    
GARLING, Frederick Hubert (Corporal MM)    
GARLING, Gerald (Sergeant 29082)    
GARLING, Leslie (Lieutenant 2596)    
GARLING, Leslie Chester-Master (Flying Officer 402333)    
GARLING, Phillip (Private 2151)    
GEARY, Bruno (William) (Private 4430)    
GEARY, Edmund (Private 739)    
GEARY, James (Private 5103)    
GEARY, Patrick James (Private 4565)    
GENNER, Arthur James (Private 2412)    
GENNER, Leslie John Samuel (Trooper 1832)    
GIBSON, Edward (Private 2421)    
GIBSON, Thomas Cross (Sapper 1954)    
GIBSON, William Bernard (Private 4947)    
GIDDY, George Henry (Private 6265)    
GIDDY, John James (Private 2041)    
GIDDY, William Henry (Private 6337)    
GITTOES, Lloyd Raymond (Private 88794)    
GLANVILLE, Cedric Richard (Private 6691)    
GLANVILLE, Charles Henry (Lance Corporal 39 MM)    
GLANVILLE, Septimus Douglas (Private 5102)    
GOODE, George Noakes Macauley (Lieutenant 119)    
GOODE, William John (Lance Corporal 44)    
GOODMAN, Augustus Frederick (Corporal 5571)    
GOODMAN, Francis Clement (T/Sergeant 2173)    
GOSS, Victor George (Sapper 1724)    
GREENUP, James Harold (Trooper 2310)    
GRIGG, Edgar Robert Bolt (Private 3113)    
GRIGG, Henry John (Gunner 1724)    
GRIMSTON, Ernest George (Lance Sergeant 1911 DCM)    
GRUNDY, Leslie John Charles Phair (Private 2558)    

HALL, Henry Lusby (Private 7002)    
HANCOCK, Cyril Henry (Gunner 17227)    
HANSEN, Harold Gorman (Corporal 1334)    
HANSEN, Victor Frederick (Fitter Staff Sargeant 486)    
HARDGE, Anthony (A/Corporal 9761)    
HAWKEY, Frederick Joseph (Driver 543)    
HAWKEY, John Martin (Major MC) Photo  Also Boer War
HAWKEY, Richard John (Trooper 1209)    
HAYES, Percival John (Trooper 1625)    
HAYES, Thomas George Purtell (Depot 96141)    
HAYES, Thomas Paul (Trooper 3598)    
HEARD, Cecil Henry (Corporal 4541)    
HEARD, Ernest Samuel (Sergeant 3129 MM)    
HEARD, Robert Holdsworthy (Private 2190)    
HEATH, Charles Thomas McIntosh (Lieutenant)    
HEATON, Norman Victor (Private 7750)    
HEIGHINGTON, Henry (Private 2420)    
HENNESSY, Bede William (Trooper 2471)    
HERBERT, Charles (Private 1842 MM)    
HEYMAN, Bernard Martin (Private 6099)    
HIDER, Frederick George (Gunner 15583)    
HILL, Leslie Thomas (A/Bombardier 2039)    
HOGAN, Leslie Cyril (Private 5383)    
HOLDSWORTH, Arthur Burgin (Driver 7587)    
HOLDSWORTH, Walter Henry (Temporary Corporal 32023)    
HOLOHAN, William Patrick (Sapper 18946)    
HOSKISSON, Thomas John Cornelius (Trooper 1838)    
HOULOHAN/HUOLOHAN, Cornelius (Private 3336)    
HOWARD, Edgar Joseph (Private 422)    
HOWARD, Harold (Private 79)    
HOWLETT, Alfred Henry (Private)    
HUGGETT, Edward Horace (Private 6530)    
HUOLOHAN, Paul (Private 3808)    
HYNES, Peter Joseph (Gunner 33675)    
HYNES, Thomas Bartholomew (Depot)    

INGLIS, Robert Ernest (Driver 1788)    
INGLIS, Thomas Leslie (L/Sergeant 1789)    

JARVIS, Garnet Wolsley (Driver 1894)    
JENKINS, Wallace Conrad Rofe (Private 6265)    
JOHNSON, Edgar Joseph (Private 6999)    

KARKOE, Joseph Hyram (Private 6034)    
KELLOWAY, Frederick Oscar (Private 3552)    
KELLY, Horatio Joseph (Trooper 278)    
KELLY, Lindsay William (Trooper 410)    
KELLY, Victor Silvester (T/Sergeant 64714)    
KENNIFF, Francis Claude (Frank) (Trooper 936)    
KENNY, John Patrick (Private 4069)    
KERR, Roderick Kenneth (Private 5398)    
KERRIGAN, Leslie Record (Sapper 2858 MM)    
KERSLAKE, Charles William (Private 3280)    
KERSLAKE, Reginald Thomas (Lieutenant 108)    
KERSWELL, Arthur Leicester (Driver 16083)    
KERSWELL, John Lewis (Private 5058)    
KETTLEY, Walter Stephen (Private1547)    
KING, Frederick John (Private 3718)    
KYTE, John Arthur (S/Sergeant 3501)    

LAKEMAN, Frederick Charles Stanmore (Sapper 2958)    
LEDWELL, William (N74180)    
LEDWELL, William Charles (Private 1684)    
LEE, Edward Duncan (W.O.1 11882 MM)    
LIDDY, Michael Francis (Sapper 1098) Photo    
LILLYWHITE, Henry Charles (Lance Corporal 1581)    
LITTLE, John (Private 1672)    
LIVESEY, William Calbraith (Gunner 15565)    
LLOYD, Ethel Graham (Staff Nurse/Sister)    
LONG, William (Private 1292)    
LONGHURST, Ernest William (Trooper 3180)    
LONGLEY, George Osborne (Acting Sergeant 9402)    
LOOMES, Harold John William (Trooper 3243)    
LOVEDAY, Ross (Private 7004)    
LOW, St Clair (Sergeant 134)    
LOWE, Eric Lyndon (Lance Corporal 27)    
LYSAUGHT, William Leslie Patrick (Driver 3059)    

MACARTHUR-ONSLOW, Arthur William (Captain)    
MACARTHUR-ONSLOW, Francis Arthur (Arthur)    
MACARTHUR-ONSLOW, George Macleay (Lt. Colonel D.S.O.)    
MACARTHUR-ONSLOW, James William (Colonel)    
MACDONALD, William Morton C (Depot 92928)    
MACKANESS, Herbert John (Gunner 496)    
MACKELLAR, Colin (Corporal 29123)    
MACKELLAR, Malcolm (Lance Corporal 21817)    
MACKIE, George Norman (WO2 1948 MSM)    
MAHONEY, George Edward (Trooper 2943)    
MAHONEY, Herbert (Trooper 2944)    
MARSH, Francis Henry (Frank) (Private 3183)    
MARSH, George Maynard (Private 1946) Photo    
MARSHALL, Robert Haines (Lance Corporal 830)    
MAXWELL, Edward Crofton (Trooper 1326)    
MAXWELL, Michael Eustace (Sapper 16874) Photo    
MAXWELL, Michael Patrick (Trooper 1325)    
MAXWELL, Thomas Joseph (Sergeant 318)    
MAY, Frederick Charles (Driver 2707)    
MAYNE, Charles Arabin (ER/Corporal 31187)    
MAYNE, John Colbourne (Driver 31186)    
MCANENE, Mary Morton (Staff Nurse/Sister)    
MCDONALD, Bert A (Driver 3060)    
MCDONALD, Horace Hector (Lieutenant 3360)    
MCEVOY, Arthur Peter (Lance Corporal 742)    
MCEWAN, Wallace Owen (Sergeant 299)    
MCGUIRE, Alexander (Private 53480)    
MCKELLAR, Robert Galbreath (Private 2974)    
MCKENNA, Edward Francis (Private 2497)    
MCKERVEY, Reginald Patrick Sarsfield (L/Corporal 5057)    
MCKERVEY, Thomas Leslie (Private 1676)    
MCKNIGHT, Charles (Private 3340)    
MCKNIGHT, Richard (Driver 2918)    
MCKNIGHT, William Leslie (Trooper 52767)    
MCLAURIN, Archibald McGibbon (Lieutenant Colonel)    
MCMAHON, Oswald (Private 2606)    
MCMAHON, Reginald Charles (Bombardier 1720)    
MCNIVEN, Inglis (ER/Staff Sergeant 678)    
MCNIVEN, Malcolm Ernest (Private 6622)    
MEGARRITY, Selby George (Sapper 4841    
MEGARRITY, William Robert Keith (Private 4942)    
MILLS, George Griffin Roy (Private 6417)    
MILNER, Maitland (Private 3280)    
MITCHELL, Charles (Depot)    
MITCHELL, John Tyler (Lieutenant)    
MITCHELL, Keith McNab (Driver 28135)    
MOORE, Essington (Lieutenant) Photo    
MOORE, Gidley (Gunner 33883)    
MOORE, Harold Gordon (Trooper 3161A)    
MOORE, Sidney Millard (Captain)    
MOORE, William Frederick (Private 1523)    
MORRIS, Oliver Owen (Private 2362 POW)    
MORRIS, Walter Joseph (Private 2881)    
MORTON, Hester Louise Mars (Staff Nurse)    
MUIR, Robert Lewis (Driver 25677)    
MURDOCH, Harvey Turnbull (Driver 2824) Photo    
MYLES, James Henry (Lance Corporal 937)    

NASH, D    
NETHERY, Walter Vincent (Private 10296)    
NETHERY, William Charles (Gunner 31103)    
NEVE, James Henry (Private 866)    
NEWTON, Arthur (Lance Corporal 195)    
NEWTON, Milton James (Private 4259)    
NEWTON, William John (Private 196)    
NIESS, Norman William (Lance Corporal 2655)    
NOAKES, Everard James Berkley (A/Sergeant 12479)    
NORMAN, Frederick Arthur (Depot)    
NORMAN, Sydney Clarence (Private 5882)    
NORRIS, Frank (Lance Corporal 250 MM)    
NORRIS, Thomas Milton (Private 498)    
NUNNEY, Herbert (Private 1261)    

O'BRIEN, Clarence Mervyn (Driver 28091)    
O'BRIEN, Martin Clement (Driver 28092)    
O'HARE, Phillip Augustine (Trooper 1033)    
O'NEILL, George Joseph (Private 5394)    
O'REILLY, Patrick John (Lance Corporal 5668)    
OAKEY, Henry (Private 6837)    
OTTAWAY, James Edward (T/Sergeant 6813)    

PAIN, Arthur Clifford (Gunner 37446)    
PAIN, Ralph Oswald Cleveland (Lance Corporal 4837)    
PATTERSON, Stanley Dudley (Private 2768)    
PAUL, Frank Henderson (Lance Sergeant 395)    
PEARCE, Selby (Private 7773)    
PEARCE, William (Depot)    
PECKHAM, William James (Private 2268)    
PERCIVAL, Harold Kingsley (Flight Cadet 137709)    
PEVERELL, Eustace Clavil (Driver 2774)    
PIKE, Walter Harold (Private 6095)    
PIPPEN, Oswald Francis (T/Corporal 2460 2508)    
PIPPEN, Vincent Francis (Private 2205)    
POOLE, John Lambert Richardson (Sergeant 428)    
POTTS, Jack Diamond Sumner (Lieutenant AFC)    
POWE, Harold Richard (Trooper 787) Photo    
PRICE, Bert (Private 3731)    
PRICE, George Albert (Corporal 3131)    
PROCTER, Robert Leopold (Gunner 28042) photo    
PUGH, George Kenneth (Driver 16051)    

RAE, Cecil Charles Keith (Private 5870)    
RAE, Everard Hamilton (Private 6139)    
RAVEN, V    
RAYMOND, Louis Francis (Private 2649)    
RAYWORTH, Arthur (Private 3125)    
REEDY, Arthur Ambrose (Private 2220)    
REEDY, John Vincent (Private 3627 / 6886)    
REEDY, Roger Patrick (Driver 1311)    
RICHARDS, Albert Leslie (Driver 13905)    
RICHARDS, Ivan Harold (Tib) (Private 86520)    
RICHMOND, Allan Curry Palmer (Private 3012)    
RICHMOND, David Tully (ER/CSM 1574 DCM)    
RIDEOUT, Allan Marcus (Sapper 1908) Photo    
RIDEOUT, Jesse (Depot)    
RIX, Lawrence Eric (M T Driver 14595)    
RIX, Nehemiah Snesdell (Gunner 35662)    
ROBERTS, Bertie William (Private 12738)    
ROBERTS, Joseph Barrington (Gunner 2244)    
ROBERTS, William (Private 4356)    
ROBERTSON, James (Lance Corporal 8778A)    
RODWELL, William George (Lance Corporal 5445)    
ROFE, Ernest West (Private 6299)    
ROFE, George William Lester (Private 6871 MM)    
ROGERS, Robert William (Driver 2071)    
ROSS, Frank (Private 3653)    
ROWAN, David (Private 1798)    
ROWNEY, Geoffrey Anselm (Corporal 950)    
RUDD, Linton Percy Clarence (Trooper 185)    
RUDD, Vivian George Mortimer (Private 1982)    
RULE, Josiah (N74372)    
RYDER, Arthur Henry (Private 5072)    
RYDER, Charles Thomas (Trooper 431) Photo    
RYDER, Herbert James (Private 1963A) Photo    
RYDER, Stanley Clifford (Private 170) Photo    

SALTER, Lloyd Dewees (Private 987)    
SAYER, Thomas William Frederick (Lance Corporal 4070)    
SCHWARER, Arthur Augustine (T/Corporal 14469)    
SCHWARER, William James (Sergeant 1473)    
SCOTT, Charles Walter (Sapper 16637)    
SEACH, Herbert (Sapper 15914 Private 6884)    
SECKOLD, Albert Thomas (Private 6818)    
SEDGWICK, Edward James (Sergeant 2476)    
SEYMOUR, George (Private 5699)    
SEYMOUR, Thomas (Lieutenant) Photo    
SIDDINS, Allen John Richard (Trooper 1568)    
SIDMAN, Robert Alfred (Lance Corporal 7119)    
SMALL, Edgar George (T/SS/Corporal 1556)    
SMALL, Frederick James Riddett (Private 8993)    
SMALL, Hector (Lance Corporal 469)    
SMALL, Jesse (Private 3257)    
SMALL, Leslie Forbes (Lance Sergeant 19358)    
SMALL, Roy Geoffrey (Private 4235)    
SMART, Frederick Stanley Martin (Lance Corporal 669)    
SMART, George Alfred Offley (Trooper 3519)    
SMITH, Arthur Charles Jeffray (Gunner 39487)    
SMITH, Charles Henry (2/Corporal 956)    
SMITH, Edward Alfred (Driver 50941)    
SMITH, George Edward (Private 2639)    
SMITH, John (Private 7793)    
SMITH, Reginald Sydney (Rex) (Sergeant 470)    
SPURRIER, Harry (Trooper 2962)    
SQUELCH, Frederick Charles (Lance Corporal 506)    
STAFFORD, Alfred Royal Vivian (Lieutenant M M )    
STAPLETON, Jack (John Joseph) (Corporal 2218)    
STARKEY, Christopher George (Trooper 3524) Photo    
STARR, Herbert Albert (Private 2730)    
STARTIN, William Thomas (Corporal 1578)    
STEIN, William Anton (Trooper 2867)    
STEPHEN, Dr. Edgar Horatio Milner (Major)    
STEVENS, Cecil Photo    
STEVENS, Harold Lancelot (Private 7839)    
STEVENS, William Alfred (Private 7082)    
STEWART, William (Private 7556)    
STONHAM, Arthur Ernest (66531)    
STONHAM, Cyril John (Gunner 3367)    
STRATTON, Bruce (Private 2976)    
STRATTON, David Victor (R.A.N.)    
STREET, Thomas Rendell (Lieutenant)    
STUCKEY, Lorrie Albert (Hon/Sergeant 4605)    
STUCKEY, Roy Darrell (Driver 16881)    
STUCKEY, Victor Frank (Sapper 10944)    
SUTTLE, William Thomas (Private 3669)    
SWAN, Charles James (Sapper 5426)    
SWINDELLS, Alfred Llewellyn (Private 51006)    

THOMAS, Charles William (Private 3323 MM)    
THOMASON, William Arthur (Private 551 Gunner19148)    
THOMPSON, Astley John Onslow (Lieutenant Colonel VD)    
THOMPSON, John Henry (Sergeant 784 DCM)    
THORNTON, Milton Frank (Bugler 91)    
THORNTON, Thomas William (Private 917)    
THORPE, Basil Arthur (T/Corporal 2652)    
THORPE, Grenville Blakeney (Driver 28094)    
THROSBY, Campbell (Trooper 390)    
THURN, Francis Martin (Private 60540)    
TOLHURST, Frederick Vernon (Lance Corporal 4733)    
TOMKINS, Robert Benjamin (Sapper 21875)    
TOOVEY, Frederick George (Lance Sergeant 1772)    
TRITTON, Albert Edward (Driver 30235)    
TULLOH, Reginald Harold Edwin (Driver 21236)    

VENESS, Frederick William Atkins (Sapper 6944)    
VIOLET, Henry Gabriel (Private 1119)    
VON ARNHEIM, Dudley Silberstein (ER/SQMS 804)    

WASSON, James Mervyn Stanley (Private 8994 MM)    
WASSON, John (Lieutenant DCM)    
WASSON, Louis Hopetoun (Private Depot)    
WASSON, Ray Stanley Thomas (S/Sergeant 8600)    
WASSON, Sydney Alfred Barnes (Corporal 8588)    
WATSON, John Henry (Private 3576)    
WEEKS, Clifford Mitchell (Gunner 59618)    
WEEKS, John Robert (Private 6571)    
WELLINGS, Roy Alfred (N60825)    
WEST, Minnie (Sister)    
WHALAN, Ernest Joseph (Trooper 3256)    
WHEELER, Cecil Claude (Private 3160)    
WHEELER, Charles George (5907)    
WHITE, William Alfred (Depot 24650)    
WHITEMAN, Clarissa Muriel (Sister)    
WILKINSON, John Augustus (Trooper N88341)    
WILKINSON, William (Private 7552)    
WILLIAMS, John (Private 1261)    
WILLIAMS, John Edward (Lance Corporal 3281)    
WILLIAMS, Rebecca Margaret Stafford (Sister)    
WILLIAMS, Samuel Roy (2/Aircraft Mechanic 2239)    
WILLIAMS, Stanley Esdras (Private 1260 POW)    
WINDRED, Albert (Private 2897)    
WINFIELD, Alfred Reeves (Private 2703)    
WINGATE, William (Private 7813)    
WOOD, George (Private 3006)    
WOODGER, John Robert (Private 2250)    
WYE, Sydney Denson (Private 241)    
WYNNE, Leslie Darvel (Private 59605)    

ZALINSKI / ZGLINICKI, Ernest James (Private 3598 / 517)