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Camden War Cemetery located on the corner of Burragorang and Cawdor Roads, three kilometres south of Camden Post Office is the serene resting place of seventeen RAAF servicemen, four army personnel and two RAF servicemen who were stationed in the Camden area during World War Two.
The headstones are lined up in a N-S configeration, with the graves facing E-W. The graves are surrounded by a border of oleanders and bottlebrush and dominated by a single majestic tea tree. The cemetery is well kept and has a pleasant outlook. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission is responsible for the cemetery.

Camden War Cemetery
Camden War Cemetery
The Royal Australian Air Force personnel buried here include five airmen who were killed in Hudson A16-152, which was part of 32 Squadron. The aircraft based at Camden airfield crashed south-west of Camden on 26 January 1943 while on a cross-country training flight. The pilot and the four man crew were killed.
F/Sgt. SK Scott (402996), aged 25.
Navigator F/Sgt. HBL Johns (407122), aged 27.
W/T Operator Sgt. BCJ Pearson (402978), aged 25.
Sgt. GD Voyzey (402930), aged 24.
Sgt. GT Lawson (412545), aged 30.

Sgt. SW Smethurst (418014), aged 20.
Crashed his Kittyhawk A29-455 at The Oaks airfield on 30 September 1943 while on a training exercise strafing the airfield. This exercise was in conjunction with the 54th Australian Anti-Aircraft Regiment which erected gun positions adjacent to the airfield. The aircraft splurged at the bottom of a shallow dive and struck the ground.

There are five airmen who were killed on 18 November 1943 in Beaufort A9-350, which was part of 32 Squadron. The aircraft crashed on a night cross country training exercise, while based at Camden airfield. The pilot and crew were killed.
F/Sgt. RC Christie (410630), aged 23.
Navigator Sgt. DR James (418721), aged 20.
WOAG Sgt. FN Fanning (419465), aged 20.
Sgt. RA Sharples (419226), aged 23.
F/S. HSJ Terrill (419426), a passenger from 73 Squadron, aged 20.

Corporal JP Kerrigan (62397) was an electrical mechanic and was killed in a car accident in Sydney on 11 December 1943, aged 29.

There are five airmen who were killed on 29 March 1944 in Beaufort A9-550, which was part of 15 Squadron. The aircraft based at the Menangle Paceway airfield crashed after take-off when the port engine failed.
F/Sgt HB Johnston (420024), aged 26.
2nd Pilot F/O RW Durrant (422555), aged 24.
Navigator F/O HD Wheller (426409), aged 21.
W/T Operator F/Sgt RAC Hoscher (412535), aged 23.
AC1 WH Bray (141632), aged 22.

Two members of the Royal Air Force buried here are:
LAC A Mullen (RAF 1526778) was involved in a fatal accident on the Camden airfield tarmac on 12 October 1945, aged 23.
WOFF FS Biggs (RAF 365157) from the Servicing Wing, RAF Station, Camden, was killed in a car accident in Sydney on 25 November 1945, aged 36.

Those from the Australian Army were:
Private Leonard Charles Walker (V235527) enlisted in the Australian Citizen's Military Forces at Ballarat, Victorian on 8 October 1941. He was born in Ballarat on 28 June 1923. He served in the: 46th Australian Infantry Battalion, 29/46th Australian Infantry Battalion. He died at Menangle on 18 July 1945 aged 22.

Warrant Officer Class Two John Gow Alcorn (NX148530) enlisted in the Australian Citizen's Military Forces at Sydney on 28 May 1934. He was born in Glasgow, Scotland on 19 January 1900. He transferred to the 2/AIF on 26 February 1943. He served in the: Sydney University Regiment, 110th Australian Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, 41st Australian Infantry Battalion, 41/2nd Australian Infantry Battalion. He died of illness 31 March 1944, aged 44.

Warrant Officer Class Two Harry George Grinstead (NX126686) enlisted in the Australian Militia Forces at Sydney on 17 February 1930. He was born in London on14 August 1910. He initially transferred to the Australian Citizen Military Forces on 17 February 1940, and then to the 2/AIF on 15 August 1942. He served in the: 9th Australian Field Regiment. He died on 15 August 1944 as the result injuries sustained in a railway accident, aged 34.

Craftsmen Elwyn Sidney Hoole (NX97717) enlisted in the 2/AIF at Paddington on 11 August 1942. He was born at Walcha, New South Wales, on 12 October 1908. He served in the: 1st Australian Ordinance Workshops Company, 308th Australian Light Aide Detachment. He died on 6 June 1944, aged 35.

This photo (taken by S Larson) is the Memorial to 32 Squadron erected by Dapto Rotary Club adjacent to the Dapto War Memorial in the Illawarra area.

RAAF Lockheed Hudson A16-173 of 32 Squqaron Camden NSW was returning from investigating the report of an enemy submarine when it struck Bong Bong Mountain killing the crew of four on Wednesday November 4 at 2116 hours.

The Crew are not buried at Camden War Cemetery but in different locations in the Illawarra area.

Information: Dr Ian Willis, Consultant Historian.
Source: RAAF Historical Section, Canberra; Central Army Records, Melbourne.