Camden Remembers
Soldiers' Memorial Macarthur Park
Harold Kingsley PERCIVAL (Flight Cadet 137709)
Camden RSL Flame Birth: 1890 Woonona, NSW, Australia
Death: 23 Sep 1918 (age 28) Montrose Aerodrome, Montrose, Scotland
Cemetery or Memorial: Montrose Cemetery, Scotland
                                      Soldiers' Memorial Macarthur Park Camden

Father: Rev. George Charles PERCIVAL (1860 - 2 Jun 1937)
Mother: Emily Elizabeth MCCOY (1862 - 1949)

From the 'Camden News' November 21st 1918.
'Recent mails have brought letters to Rev. G.C. and Mrs. Percival from their late son's instructor and fellow officers at Montrose Aerodrome, Scotland, giving particulars of the accident which caused his death.

It appears he had become quite expert in flying, having several times looped the loop and performed other necessary manoeuvres and flown at an altitude of 10,000 feet. At the time of his fatal accident, his machine was coming to land over the aerodrome, when a fault developed in the engine, causing the machine to "stall" - or fall perpendicularly - and spin.
Being less than 100 feet from the ground, there was not room for matters to be righted. Death was judged to have been instantaneous.

His instructor speaks in highest terms of his keenness and ability as an airman, and looked forward to his doing exceptionally good work in France, whither he expected to go almost immediately.

The funeral took place on September 25th, at Montrose Cemetery, with full military honours.'

Flight Cadet Harold Kingsley PERCIVAL was serving with the Royal Air Force when he died in a flying accident on 23 Sep 1918 at Montrose Aerodrome, Montrose, Scotland age 28.